Stay the Course

To deal with my anxiety surrounding this historic election, I brought my sketchbook to the polling stations on Nov 8th. I was weary of a divisive political season fueled by hatred and ignorance and was looking forward to putting this all behind. Sadly, this will not be an option for at least another four years.

People raced to the finish their ballots at San Francisco's City Hall minutes before the stations closed. With all the propositions, California's ballot was four pages. For a moment I was encouraged to see how passionate voters were and how much they wanted their voice to be heard.


Later that night I watched the news, saddened and troubled by the outcome. I’m embarrassed for my country and the precedent its candidates have set. Gone are the days of experience, competence and level headedness as requirements for America’s highest office. It's only those who are most loud, proud and violent who get their way. The loudest and largest bell is the always the most hallow.



On their ballots, Americans made their mark. A decision was made and it is one I am not proud of. But we must stay the course, remember who we are and what we really stand for as individuals and a country. Our value and worth shouldn’t be placed in foolish “leaders." Look neither left nor right, but up.