Restoration in All Things

The 2013 boston marathon was a race to the finish line that people will never forget. Two bombs that erupted at the finish line killed three people and injured more than 170 others. Originally from outside Boston, I was definitely concerned for my family and friends in the area as events unfolded. Fortunately my family lives west of the city and was unaffected. However, my friend Amie who lives in the city was only a few blocks away from the blast site when it occurred. The following sketches are based on her photos and experiences from that tragic day and the days that followed. Amie’s account of that day: 

“As it was my day off, I decided to celebrate Marathon Day and Patriots day like the Bostonian that I am. I was at the Boston Marathon with my friend, just enjoying the sunshine and cheering on marathoners as they rounded the corner of Boylston Street and approached the finish line. We decided to walk up Boylston Street toward the finish line, but the crowd of spectators was thick and made it difficult to pass. Not wanting to wade through the crowd, we decided to walk through the Prudential center instead.



“As we were walking through the Prudential center, a deep boom sounded and it was followed by a louder boom that shook the building and sent a crowd of people screaming and running toward us. Instinctively we ran with them, and found our way out of the Prudential center into a courtyard right off of Boylston Street. I looked out onto the streets to see people screaming, a man carrying his crying children, everyone on their cell phones, and even a few dazed marathon runners that weren't sure what to make of what had happened. 



“As I was walking, I heard someone comment that he was at the finish line and saw a man who'd had both of his legs blown off. My stomach sank and this confirmed that the blast we heard was truly something terrible. Cell phone calls wouldn't go out because the city turned off cell phone service to prevent any further bombs from being detonated.


An eerie stillness settles over the Boston Commons as the city urges people to stay indoors. At this point the man hunt for the bombing suspects was in full swing.

Army National Guardsmen stand watch at the Park Street Red and Green Line.

Someone rotated these tic tac toes into a cross at a playground in the south end on Tremont St. At this time the FBI and law enforcement had the bombing suspects in their crosshairs.


“I'm overwhelmed with sadness for the individuals and families that were affected by this attack. I'm walking away from this grateful for the divine protection that covered us: Had we stayed walking on Boylston St. instead of cutting through Prudential, we would have walked right by bomb number two when it went off. Thank you, Lord.”

A makeshift memorial at the intersection of Boylston and Berkeley.


Bostonians were deeply moved by this tragedy. Throughout the incident there was an outpouring of support for the victims, businesses and all affected. No matter how deep the pain, may there be restoration in all things. 

A cherry blossom along the Charles River (Storrow Drive/Boston side).