Where the Wind Takes You

I recently went sailing in the San Francisco bay on a small boat named the Elise. The winds carried us through Golden Gate bridge and back around Alcatraz. 

I'm always looking out at the east bay but never looking inland. It was refreshing to have this new vantage point. The greatest privilege in life is the ability to see it from another perspective. 


Nathalie, owner and Captain of the Elise raises the spinacker

As dusk set in, the winds died off along with the boats momentum. The Elise bobbed up and down but not forward. We began shifting from side to side in order to get it to move. It was hilarious to see everyone literally rocking the boat. As we inched along, another boat passed by and offered to tow us. 


The wind doesn't always take us where we want, when we want; its up to us to make the best of our situation and steer in the right direction.