Hidden Spaces


One day while at the laundromat I noticed that the backdoor was open. I peered out to discover a tangled mess of cables, fuel drums, buckets of paint and other discarded materials. I couldn't resist sketching it.

My friend Armistead had a different vision for his Brooklyn backyard. When he moved in, the area behing his apartment had been a dumping ground for broken hardware left by his landlord. With the help of his roommates and a few friends, Armistead removed all the trash and the excavated lot was covered in top soil so that grass and plants could take root.



The elderly woman peering out the window was notorious for hanging her giant red underwear from the clothesline.


After a lot of hard work the backyard became a vibrant place where friends could gather and community could flourish.  


A projector and a simple blanket hung from the fence transformed the backyard into a magical outdoor movie theater. These events were always a great experience for both adults and kids alike!


In a city filled with over stimuli and noise the quietness of this backyard became a place of rest and rejuvenation. Armistead selflessly shared this space for all to enjoy. His humble generosity inspired me to rework the hidden spaces of my own life.