Zach Williams and The Bellow

I recently had the privilege of sitting in on a recording session for Brooklyn-based musicians Zach Williams & the Bellow's new record. Their music is a beautiful avenue through which they express everything from tragedy, hope, betrayal and redemption in an authentic, honest way. After playing several shows at Rockwood Music Hall over the last few years, owner Ken Rockwood let Zach & The Bellow turn his space into a full-on recording studio for several days. It was the perfect, familiar venue where they could begin the process of solidifying something special— or "capturing thunder in a shoebox," as they rightfully put it.


 Jason Pipkin plays from behind the bar.


Observing and sketching Zach & The Bellow in the midst of the creation process was truly thrilling. There was a tangible creative energy in the space that evening; I knew I was witnessing something unique. The sketches in this entry are parts of what I came away with.

Producer Charlie Peacock and bassist Ben Mars discuss different riff variations during a break.


To learn more about Zach Williams & the Bellow, you can read their recent interview on Noisetrade. Let your heart be stilled and stirred through their music and stories, and consider supporting these extremely talented, humble musicians.